CRES Legislative Activities Tracker – updated June 26, 2017
CRES Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Tracker – updated May 16, 2015

To read details about a specific listing with a Proceeding Number, go to the PUC portal, enter the Proceeding Number into the field, then press Search. One of our most important activities is educating CRES members and the public about energy-efficiency (EE) and renewable-energy (RE) policy in Colorado. Once educated, we selectively advocate for plans, processes, and legislation that will further our goals of increasing adoption of existing and emerging EE/RE technologies, techniques, and policies. The policy trackers are updated regularly.

Do you have strong thoughts on legislation CRES could be promoting at the statehouse? Do you want to share your thoughts on current or planned bills in the Colorado legislature? CRES’ Policy Committee is the voice for CRES members at the Colorado State Capitol. Contact the CRES Policy Committee at info@cres-energy.org.