Workshop: Witness a Home Energy Audit (Wed 10:30am)

(changed from the originally planned Th, April 13th)


Come witness a live Home Energy Audit at the 1981 SERI designed home of John Avenson, a long time member, volunteer and presenter of CRES. He organizes a separate Meetup representing his chapter on Passive House Design.

Energy Audit performed by Paul Kriescher with Paul Kriescher has presented for CRES and NREL.

John is obtaining his HERS rating to measure the success of his super insulation retrofit finished in 2015. This house received the 2014 CGBG award for best energy saving retrofit.

John hopes the blower door test will come in well under 1 air exchange per hour at the ACH50 level. To put into perspective, most older code homes are over ACH50 of 7.

Also: Enjoy Hands-on with John’s Infrared FLIR camera.

Tour John’s 1981 SERI (NREL) designed home which has NO FURNACE and still stays warm all winter, also with voice control and electric shades.

John Avenson’s Home, 9988 Hoyt Pl, Westminster 80021 (near 100th and Wadsworth), 10:30am to 12:30, Wed, 4/12


Look ahead: 

Our next JCRES event is on Th, April 27, featuring KK DuVivier on “Deep Decarbonization or “It’s The Rules, Stupid!”

And tomorrow, Tuesday, the Boulder Chapter presents at 6:45pm A Transforming Electricity System: Wind, Solar, and Opportunities for Colorado