Why Science & Industry Need Public Funding, Tue, 5/16

Eating Our Seed Corn
Why Science and Industry Reject Trump’s Budget Cuts

14350 W. 32nd Ave, Golden
Tue, May 16, 7pm

Public research institutions are today’s drivers – and risk takers! – of technological innovation on which our advanced industries depend. Our panel will highlight the impact of these public-private partnerships at the core of institutions like the National Renewable Energy Laboratory or ARPA-e
Funding cuts would be a disaster, threatening not just the livelihoods of thousands of top scientists but the competitiveness of our nation. 

No economy will be “great again” by looking backwards: Our future success is tied to staying at the forefront of new technology.

“Defunding science is the intellectual equivalent of eating our seed corn.”   
Denis Hayes

Panel: Bob Noun, formerly NREL; Kathryn Johnson, Colorado School of Mines; Jill Cox-Engel, Joint Inst. f. Strategic Energy Analysis at NREL;  Joshua Putterman, Extreme Event Risk.  Moderator: David Ellenberger, National Wildlife Federation. Contact: Martin Voelker, jcres@cres-energy.org

Co-sponsored by the Colorado Renewable Energy Society, National Wildlife Federation, and the JUC Green Task Force.

Stay for the reception with food and drinks, networking and conversations.

NOTE: This is not our regular 4th Thursday event but in addition. Don’t miss that one the following week: 

Th, May 25, 2017, Max Boykoff: Communicating Climate Science

PS: The video of K.K. DuVivier on Deep Decarbonization is now on our Youtube channel: