Water’s Role for Energy – Brent Nelson, NREL

Brent Nelson, NREL
Water’s Role For Energy

Th, March 22, 7pm, Jefferson Unitarian Church, 14350 W. 32nd Ave, Golden (Applewood)

There’s a strong but not very visible connection between water and energy. Lots of electricity is required to pump water to buildings and for irrigation, lots of water is needed for the cooling towers of thermal power plants, and heating water for industrial and domestic use is energy intensive. However, consumption of both power and water differ widely across technologies with massive advantages for renewable power generation.

Brent Nelson has worked for NREL for over 30 years, mostly studying thin-film solar cells. He manages a group of data and research equipment specialists building research equipment for photovoltaics to nanoparticle generation to fuel cells to batteries, and volunteers to promote renewable energy in the classroom.

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