Wag the dog? David Barsamian on Iran. This Sunday, 4pm

Note: this is organized by our partners, the JUC Green Task Force and the Jefferson Humanists. There are deep energy aspects to the Iran story such as the inability for Iran to get financing for renewable energy due to sanctions and I’d encourage people to ask those questions during the event.
Also please note our regular event next Thursday on “Solar’s Cutting Edge”: https://www.meetup.com/J-CRES/events/267707525/

The US assassination of Iran’s Soleimani is likely a ‘Wag the Dog’ move intended to distract people, argues author David Barsamian. Come hear him speak on this timely issue.

The US assassination of Iran’s General Soleimani is pouring gasoline on a region already in flames. The Trump administration has been itching for a fight with Iran ever since it unilaterally pulled out of the nuclear deal in May 2018. It has imposed the harshest sanctions in history on Iran and has threatened Iran with “obliteration.”

Instead of sending more troops and warships to the Middle East, Washington should be sending diplomats. With the impeachment trial looming, it is plausible that Trump has pulled a ‘Wag the Dog’ move with a military operation intended to distract people.

Reception afterwards in the commons with drinks and Iranian food (veg).

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