TODAY ‘Getting to Net Zero Energy’ Lacey Wright & John Avenson (Sun 3/4 1pm)

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Class on ‘Getting to Net Zero Energy’ Golden Real Estate recently listed a “net zero” home at 1960 S. Gilpin Street, near Denver University. Today,Sunday, March 4th, they are hosting a class on “Getting to Net Zero & Beyond” in that house, where you’ll not only learn the concepts that go into building a net zero home or retrofitting a current home to net zero, but you’ll be able to see many of those concepts and products in place and working to make that particular home have a total energy bill of under $6 per month. The house is for sale, but you don’t need to be a potential buyer to attend. (Learn more at
Teaching this 90-minute PowerPoint presentation are two of Colorado’s leading experts on this topic: Lance Wright, “the green energy man,” who built 1960 S. Gilpin Street and two other net zero homes, and John Avenson, who keeps improving his net zero home in Westminster. The class is this Sunday, March 4th, 1:00 to 2:30 pm. Jim Smith.

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