The History of EVs and Why Gasoline-Powered Cars Are Obsolete

Please join us as J David McNeil and Jim Smith from the Denver Electric Vehicle Council (DEVC) share with us their observations on the past, present and future of EV’s. J David McNeil will trace the history of EV’s from the first electric car in 1839 through the first (1914 – mid 1930’s), second (mid 1960’s – 1980), third (mid-1990’s – 2010) and its current boom (2010 – now). He will touch on the EV history in Colorado Springs, Denver and Boulder, as well as the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and finish with an example of an electric airplane currently being developed in Denver. Jim Smith will take it from there and show why electric drivetrains make the most sense and are now more practical and affordable for cars and trucks than ICE vehicles. From 90% efficiency to regenerative braking to affordability, Jim will slay many of the myths and excuses people use not to go electric. J David McNeil’s involvement with Electric Vehicles first began in 1975 when he joined the DEVC and a year later completed his first conversion, the Silent Knight Electric Motorcycle. In addition to his motorcycle, his all electric collection includes; five electric bikes, two low power scooters, a Vanguard, Marathon, Electra Van, and a 1971 AMC Hornet Four Door Sedan. He has held every office in the DEVC, and is currently the Secretary/Treasurer and Newsletter Editor. Jim Smith is the Owner and Broker of Golden Real Estate. He is a long time clean-energy and electric vehicle advocate.

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6:45 Arrive, Light refreshments
7:00 Announcements, followed by the Presentation
8:15 Questions, Networking, Wrap-up and Clean-up

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