The Global Youth Climate Strike – Why We Care

Colorado joins the world’s largest climate mobilization with a Youth Climate Strike on Friday, Sept. 20 and subsequent local actions. We’ll hear from 18 year old Nick Venner, Lakewood, who is a co-plaintiff suing the US government over its reckless disregard for climate ( Nick is also a speaker at the 9/20 Denver demonstration.
Martin Voelker with JUC’s Green Task Force gives a brief introduction why our climate situation forces us to change and how it can be done based on Al Gore’s climate presentation. We’ll explore how parents and adults can support the youth fight for future and how to support them.

More on what is happening that week at (not .com)

Organized by the Jefferson Unitarian Church Green Task Force with support from Sierra Club Colorado, Colorado Renewable Energy Society, 350 Colorado and the Denver/Boulder chapter of the Climate Reality Project
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Also note our next event on Sept 26: Rapid Transit. Electric, automated, elevated, & efficient