Responding to Climate Change, Phil Nelson, PhD (Th, Nov 29)

Responding to Climate Change—A Play in Three Acts

Envision our response to climate change as a three-act play, a very long play. During Act One, which ended around 1990, climate scientists defined the warming problem and challenged society to respond. In Act Two (the present), scientists have moved to the rear of the stage, as new actors now claim the limelight with proposals and actions to resolve (or to deny) the global warming predicament. Some decades in the future the curtain will rise on Act Three, in which the dramatic tensions and resolutions will depend upon today’s actions.
Presenter Phil Nelson, PhD, chairs the Golden Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a volunteer nonpartisan, nonprofit group that promotes legislation to counter climate change. Phil is a geophysicist with degrees from MIT, with a career in mineral exploration, oil and gas production, and the geologic aspects of nuclear waste disposal. Since retiring, he devotes his time to Citizens’ Climate Lobby and to lecturing on aspects of climate change, extreme weather, and the human response to global warming.

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