Renewable Energy Year End Get-Together Party (Fr Dec 15)

We’re having a Renewable Energy Year End Get-Together Party at Steve Stevens’ home in Golden on Friday, Dec. 15, 6:00 – 9:30 pm. 

Your RSVP is important as we need to plan the food.

(Note: it’s around the corner from Martin Voelker’s home. Also note that there is a CRES  event the night before at JUC on Global Solutions for Climate Change (

While beer or wine donations are welcome, this isn’t a potluck, so don’t bring food. We’ll prepare ample fantastic finger foods to accommodate many tastes and dietary restrictions so you don’t have to cook. The flip side of that convenience: We’re asking for a sliding scale donation with a mid point of $20 to cover cost, with any surplus going toward catering our events in 2018. If you’re broke, just bring yourself, not an issue.

Please bring your significant other (only two legged ones).

Around 7:30pm we’ll start the open mike so people can briefly (under 3 minutes) share what inspired them in 2017 in matters of Renewable Energy, Efficiency or Climate Change (let’s focus on successes).

Also, support CRES by renewing your membership or joining up at CRES-ENERGY.ORG ( We’re all volunteers and we can’t do it without you.

We won’t have an official barkeep, so please drink responsibly and arrange for a designated driver. Apologies to those who can’t make it but in the Holiday season it is impossible to find a perfect date.

CRES members from other chapters are also invited.

Our next speaker on January 25 is John Avenson on Extreme Home Efficiency. Mark your calendar!

In 2018 our events are again on fourth Thursdays, we’ll skip July and will meet on the 5rd Thursday of November.