Renewable Energy, Sustainable Brews | MDCRES Member Feedback Forum at Odell RiNo

There is a renewed energy here in the Metro Denver Chapter of CRES, and we want to make sure all of our members can take part in it. On Dec 6th, we voted in a passionate group of volunteers to our Steering Committee, who are ready to take our chapter to the next level in 2019.

All we need now is your feedback about what kinds of events you’d like to see programmed. In the past we’ve been known for running an informative Speaker Series out of The Alliance Center downtown. We’d like to expand past that, offer more tours, interactive events, and opportunities to learn about Denver’s RE/EE scene (Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency).

We have plans to engage more with local businesses and connect you, our members, not only with them, but also with some of the fantastic non-profit organizations sharing our mission.

So come on down to Odell Taproom in RiNo on Dec 20th, 5-7pm, with as many ideas as you can think of. Our new Steering Committee will be waiting for you in the upstairs lounge (you’ll be able to identify us by our festive headwear).

And a big thank you to Odell for hosting us, as well as our sister chapter NCRES up in Ft Collins. Please take a moment to read about their excellent sustainability efforts and goals here: