Optimizing Electric Transportation, Th Feb 28

Electric vehicles are getting more attention but barriers to widespread adoption remain, such as range anxiety and affordability. Despite such perceptions, EVs are an excellent fit for many drivers.
Former NREL researcher Sarah Booth is now with Sawatch Labs which analyses driving patterns to learn when a vehicle is a good candidate for replacement with an EV and when it is not. She will discuss how their data helps fleet managers and regular drivers to find out what works best and will provide an overview of EV market trends. Nigel Zeid with Boulder Nissan is an ‘ecumenical’ EV evangelist who has collaborated with Front Range cities on group buys, leading to the nation’s best incentives. He observes that most every new EV driver instantly turns into an EV ambassador.

Contact: Martin Voelker, jcres@cres-energy.org RSVP: OptimizeEV.eventbrite.com.
Map: tinyurl.com/JUCmap
Stay for refreshments and networking after the presentation!

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