NCRES Speakers Series: Using Solar Thermal for Heating, Cooling & Electricity

Come join us at the CSU Powerhouse where Ed Van Dyne will show us the new Wave Solar Technologies solar thermal residential power system.

Wave Solar Technologies has invented a breakthrough co-generation system for your home that provides electricity, heat, hot water and air conditioning; all from a single high efficiency solar thermal panel, backed up by natural gas. The system utilizes a new type of solar steam engine that is quiet and compact. A 92% efficient solar panel means it only takes up a small amount of space on your roof.

Co-generation means that the system provides ALL the energy needs of your home. Because its solar thermal panel is backed up by natural gas, it can run 24 hours per day if needed, as a backup generator. The system will run no matter what the weather has in store for you, without any expensive battery or thermal storage. The Wave Solar steam engine will be more efficient at converting the suns heat into useful energy for your house than any other system in production today.

The presentation will be held at the CSU Powerhouse on 430 N. College Avenue and NOT at Odell Brewing. Pease note there is very limited parking so please consider biking or taking the Max and walking over. If you do drive, here are instructions on where to park:–directions

Ed VanDyne is a successful inventor, entrepreneur, and engineering manager who has been selling technology into the auto industry for 25 years. His last company, VanDyne SuperTurbo (now SuperTurbo Technologies), is a Loveland-based firm specializing in advanced turbo-charging technologies that improves engine efficiency and lowers emissions. Ed previously was Director of Research at Woodward, who had purchased his SmartFire Technology, which he developed while at MIT.