NCRES Speakers Series: Hemp & the Circular Economy

Brandon Pitcher of Hemp Circle Industries will join us to discuss how commercial hemp cultivation constitutes a “circular economy.”  Wikipedia defines the Circular Economy as “an industrial economy that is producing no waste and pollution, by design or intention, and in which material flows are of two types: biological nutrients, designed to reenter the biosphere safely, and technical nutrients, which are designed to circulate at high quality in the production system without entering the biosphere as well as being restorative and regenerative by design. This is contrast to a Linear Economy which is a ‘take, make, dispose’ model of production”

Hemp is one of the best biological inputs to the emerging circular economy.  As the leading countries and corporations in the world are starting to embrace this bio-based industrial model, hemp will become more and more in demand. We are strategically working with our collective partners to develop profitable systems for the sustainability of the planet we live on, as well as the businesses we work with.

The presentation will be held at Odell Brewing Company’s tap room at 800 E. Lincoln Avenue in Fort Collins.  Doors open at 7 pm with presentation commencing at 7:30 and running through 8:30 pm.  

There is a $5.00 entry fee for non-members but the event is Free for CRES Members (includes one complimentary beverage).

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