MDCRES Monthly: Why DC? And Why Now at The Alliance Center?

Have you heard about the numerous benefits of switching to DC power? How about the dc Project the Alliance Center is taking on? The dc Project will be a model for energy efficiency and resilience for existing office buildings. A 2014 Alliance Center renovation resulted in an energy use intensity reduction to 37, compared to a typical rating of 89. Alliance for Sustainable Colorado is undertaking another leading-edge project to further push the envelope in energy efficiency. 

The dc Project is a final step in energy efficiency, a pioneering retrofit, that directly matches direct current from solar PV to on-site battery storage, to direct current electrical and mechanical systems, through a hybrid micro-grid architecture. By eliminating as many conversions between AC and DC as possible, the dc Project is setting the stage for another leap in the aggregate reduction of carbon emissions. Join us for a presentation from dc Project team member Jeff Hoskins to learn more! 

The meeting format will be as follows:

6:30-7:00pm – Social time and networking  

7:00-7:10pm – Announcements  

7:10-8:00pm –  Presentation and Q&A 

8:00-8:30pm – Wrap up and networking 

This meeting is free for CRES members ($30 membership), with a $10 suggested donation from non-members

Jeff Hoskins recently joined the dc Project in order to make a meaningful contribution to the advancement of energy efficiency in existing commercial buildings that are enormous users of power from the regional utility grid. Unlike many other members of the dc Project team, Jeff’s background is not in electrical or mechanical engineering. Rather, he has dedicated his academic and professional life to a fuller understanding of society and its relationship to the environment through teaching in the US Peace Corps, government service, private sector management consulting for European companies, and university degrees that range from English literature, to economics, to an MBA in finance from the University of Denver.