Imperiled Pensions: PERA’s Losing Bet on Carbon (Thur Oct 24)

PERA’s Losing Bet on Carbon
Thurs. Oct 24, 7pm
14350 W 32nd Ave, Golden, Jefferson Unitarian – free

What do our pension funds, like the Public Employees Retirement Association PERA have to do with renewable energy?
Not enough, because PERA is over-invested in fossil fuels which not only worsen the climate crisis but also pretty much guarantee that the fund will perish once the fossil fuel industry spirals faster into decline.

Learn from 350 Colorado’s Deborah McNamara about the campaign. We’ll also hear from a former Exxon oil & gas researcher Dar-Lon Chang who quit working for Exxon over their irresponsible business ethics and from investment banker Dan Carreno, executive VP at the investment firm Change Finance, PBC.
PERA’s mis-investment may not affect you personally but its case exemplifies what ails many other financial funds and institutions.
The likely harm of collapsing retirement, institutional, and wealth funds will affect all of us.
Co-organized by the JUC Green Task Force, the Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES), and Contact: Martin Voelker, RSVP: