changed: Ken Regelson: Zucchini, Renewables, Airlines (Hunter Lovins postponed)

Note: The originally planned event with Hunter Lovins had to be postponed on short notice. Stay tuned.
Tickets will be refunded – oh, wait: we don’t charge admission!

Ken Regelson:
Zucchini, Renewables, & Airlines – How it all hangs together
Th, Mar 28, 7pm – free
Jefferson Unitarian Church, 14350 W. 32nd Ave, Golden (Applewood)

How do zucchini and airline tickets help us understand low cost renewable electricity?
Or rather: How we can get very close to 100% renewable energy within a few short decades while at the same time keeping electric utilities in check who love to drive the cost up by over-spending and over-investing? There are ways to ensure that our electricity is supplied reliably, safely, and economically – even cheaply! -– but it is not a trivial problem.

Ken Regelson is an analyst and advocate for high levels of renewables. He is the founder of,, and a co-founder of As a regular CRES speaker he is appreciated for bringing complex issues down to a level where they’re easy to comprehend.

As always, drinks and food and conversations after the Q&A.