How Microbes Convert Gaseous Waste into Fuels & Chemicals (Th, June 27)

Dr. Michael Guarnieri, NREL:
How Microbes Convert Gaseous Waste into Fuels and Chemicals
Th, June 27, 7pm
14350 W. 32nd Ave, Golden, CO 80401 (Jefferson Unitarian)
Many sources of gaseous wastes are both climate risks and lost economic opportunities. But synthetic biology uses microbes to turn waste into valuable bio-based fuels and chemical intermediates while lowering their climate impact. Learn from NREL researcher Michael Guarnieri, PhD, whether these processes can actually scale to work both technically and financially.

Contact: Steve Stevens

Dr. Michael Guarnieri, Group Leader, Bioengineering, is a research scientist in the National Bioenergy Center’s Applied Biology group at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. He earned his Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular genetics, with a joint degree in biophysics and structural biology.

Stay for drinks and some munchies. The event is free.
Not decided yet whether we’ll have an official event in July.