Golden Solar Garden Ballot Initiative: Join the Team! Th, June 29, 6pm

The City of Golden Community Sustainability Advisory Board (CSAB) needs your help getting one step closer to a community solar garden.

Due to legal constraints the City needs to do a City Ballot measure for this fall to approve a location for a future community solar garden. (And as expected an issue that should be a no brainer already faces opposition from the usual suspects).

Securing a location is the first step necessary toward bringing a community solar garden to Golden. 

The Board methodically analyzing potential sites but found only one feasible location, atop the Rooney Road landfill cap near I-70 and C-470.
The proposed site is within an unused area of the Rooney Road Sports Complex owned by Jefferson County and leased to the City of Golden. The current lease allows for recreational facilities including sports fields and associated infrastructure including roads and parking lots. It is important to note that the property is not designated as open space by either Golden or Jefferson County. 

In order to modify the City’s current lease to allow for a renewable energy project that is complementary to the current recreation uses at the location, we must first seek approval from the citizens of Golden. 

For more information about the ballot initiative, please visit

Starting August 3rd, the CSAB Board can no longer advocate for the passage of the ballot measure due to election laws. They are asking you to formally support the initiative and to help carry the mantle through to election day. They have a list of volunteers willing to help with the effort, but CSAB needs a leadership team to help craft the outreach strategy and coordinate volunteers.

This invitation is for an initial leadership team meeting to assemble a leadership team, and develop messaging and strategy. on June 29th at 6 pm at 1445 10th St

On July 19th, the Board is hosting a community and volunteer kickoff event to educate the public and connect volunteers with the leadership team. 

If you can’t attend this meeting but would like to be a part please contact me, Martin Voelker through CRES, or the chair of the CSAB, Jordan Beezley.