Climate Movie: To the Ends of The Earth (Sun, Dec 3, Golden)

What happens to the people caught in the middle when the rise of extreme energy leads into the end of economic growth?

To the Ends of the Earth” lets us meet those people, such as an Inuit mayor in Canada’s high Arctic concerned about oil exploration’s impact on the animals the Inuit hunt to survive. Or the environmental lawyer who learns how economically unsustainable and destructive Alberta’s Tarsands are. Or the river conservationist in Utah fighting to protect the Colorado River from oil shale projects.

“To the Ends of the Earth” not only features voices against extreme energy, but also envisions the new world that is taking shape in its stead: a future beyond the resource pyramid, a post-growth economy.

Free will donations requested. We’ll have some food and drinks, BYOB, and a discussion after the presentation

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Co-sponsored by 350 Colorado, Colorado Renewable Energy Society, Sierra Club Colorado, and the Jefferson Unitarian Green Task Force.