Clean Energy Options for All Colorado Energy Users

“With over 3.6 million customers across eight states—including Colorado—Xcel Energy serves nearly every part of the community including homes, businesses, industrial facilities and more. Last December, Xcel Energy made headlines when then utility announced plans to transition to a 100% carbon-free energy mix by 2050 as well as an ambitious goal to achieve 80% emissions reductions by 2030, citing the significant reduction in costs for renewable energy technologies like wind and solar and a growing demand for renewable energy by its ratepayers.

While Xcel Energy Colorado customers currently receive roughly 30% of their electricity from renewable sources, many home and business owners remain unfamiliar with additional programs offered through Xcel Energy that provide options for even more clean energy in one’s energy mix. Whether it’s a home, office building or government agency, the utility offers a variety of programs to meet the growing demand for renewable energy and sustainable transportation options. These programs are intended to provide an option for a variety of customer preferences from renewable energy location to costs to marketing messages from ownership of renewable energy credits.

Join BCRES in welcoming Eric Van Orden, a Team Lead for Xcel Energy Colorado’s Renewables & Choice Programs, as he overviews the various programs offered by Xcel Energy and provides insight into how they fit into the utility’s ambitious decarbonization efforts. Specifically, Eric will detail how these programs can not only deliver clean energy to meet varying customer preferences at every level, but do so in a safe, reliable, and—most importantly—affordable way.

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6:30 Arrive, Light refreshments
7:00 Announcements, followed by the presentation
8:15 Questions, networking, wrap-up, and clean-up

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