Beyond Net Zero: Paths to Sustainability in Daily Life

Former Bell Labs researcher Steve Stevens has talked the talk and walked the walk, transforming his 1979 home from a pitiful energy footprint to an energy factory with many features.

With his home renovation as an example he explicates the Ethics, Principles, and Practice of Personal Sustainability, building on an earlier presentation he gave at NREL. How can we as consumers live up to our good intentions about addressing the challenges of climate change? 

Steve Stevens went about it systematically and translated his ethics into practical ways how homeowners can effectively shrink their ecological footprint. 

This is the first event of the series “Bringing It Home”, culminating in an April Workshop for homeowners, and followed up by John Avenson presentation on “Extreme Home Efficiency” on Jan. 25.

Steve Stevens, a former Bell Labs scientist, transformed his 1979 Golden home from an energy hog into an energy producer. He teaches about his “Carbon Free” lifestyle to engage people to join in so we may succeed to keep this lovely planet habitable for future generations of all species.

Contact: Steve Stevens, 720-497-1100

FREE! Stay for refreshments and networking after the presentation!

Next up Th, Dec 14: Global Solutions for Climate Change (Th, Dec 14)

Fr, Dec 15, 6pm: Year-End Renewable Energy Party at Steve Stevens’ home.

Th, Jan 25, 7pm: John Avenson: Extreme Home Efficiency