Boulder Passes 2P and 2O for Climate Action

Vince Calvano
CRES Boulder County Chapter

All Boulder County ballots from this November’s election have been counted, and Boulder Residents voted yes to measures 2O and 2P by a wide margin. See all of the Boulder November 2015 election results here.

Over 77% of Boulder residents who voted on measure 2P were expressing their support for renewing the Climate Action Plan tax. This is a good sign to us here at the CRES Boulder County Chapter that Boulder residents value reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, and understand that the Climate Action Plan is an important City program.

The Climate Action Plan tax was the first of its kind when it was originally passed in 2006, and it covers funding to provide assistance to Boulder residents and businesses to improve energy efficiency, expand the use of renewable energy, and take other necessary steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The extension does not raise additional taxes, and ensures that the funding for the program will be collected for the next five years, through March 31, 2023.

On a similar note, measure 2O saw over 71% of voters express their support to renew the Utility Occupation Tax. This is a very important win for the City’s General Fund. Without this extension, the City would lose over $4 million from the general fund, which is important for the City to fund general services such as police, fire, library, park maintenance, planning, and human services.

This tax is a straight dollar for dollar replacement for the franchise fee that Xcel Energy would collect and pay back to the City. The measure helps keep the City’s general fund whole, and is a payment that would be in place whether or not Boulder has a franchise agreement with Xcel, and whether or not Boulder decides to run a municipal electric utility. The important part about putting the extension on the ballot this year is to help the City plan for its financial future. The extension is set to expire on December 31, 2022, and loss of these funds would obviously negatively affect the City’s ability to fund the services mentioned above.

The BCRES Steering Committee would like to thank all the voters that supported these two important measures.